purified water

What Good Pure Water Does For The Body

Imagine having a clean set of lungs at all times? Who would have thought that this is something that purified water could get right for the body. Not only that, purified water is going to be sufficiently good for the heart and liver too, not to mention the kidneys and all other organs. It is certainly good for the body’s bloodstream. But perhaps it could be added that in order to achieve this pure form, the method and the source must be just right.

purified water

Good to know that you are still sticking to the practice of consuming at least eight glasses of water per day, more or less, just like the doctor told you. But what he may have omitted to mention is that your everyday tap water may no longer be a healthy source. No matter how much your public utilities people say that there is a purification process in place, by the time it reaches your glass, the water is still laced with chemicals and bacteria.

Not so purified water that is sourced from a natural mountain stream. That water is untarnished by surrounding polluting elements. There is not a factory in sight, not for hundreds of miles. And there is no amount of air pollution in the atmosphere that is going to affect the quality of this water’s purity. How the water is collected and bottled now becomes a delicate matter. Much has already been said about the use of plastic bottles.

Glass bottles, they say, remains better in terms of not polluting the environment. More effort and attention now needs to be paid in ensuring that plastic bottles are at least recycled bottles, perfect for reuse, and they too need to be purified.